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Search engines are still the No. 1 way potential customers find your site. Make sure your web site is optimized for successful search engine placement. Planning search engine optimization (SEO) at the beginning of your Internet project is essential. Contrary to popular opinion this is NOT the last step when developing a web site.

Keys to developing a successful web site:

  copy must be written in such a way as to benefit your site rather
than hinder it
  design must be optimized to help the search engines find you
  titles and tags must be appropriate and descriptive

Aji Thomas stays up-to-date on the daily changes made by the search engines and can advise you on the key concepts of search engine optimization including key word density, Meta tags, and search engine submission.

Our proven strategies include:

  Analysis of competing sites: We look at your competition to maximize placement in search engines
  Overall site design analysis: Designing a web site that ranks and is aesthetically pleasing is an art. We save you time and money so that your on-line business is successful in every way possible. You do not want to waste money on SEO and then embarrass yourself with poor web site design and content.
  Submission Process: We submit your site relevant search engines appropriate for your business saving you time and money.
  Tracking the success and tuning the process: In today's competitive marketplace, tracking is an essential element of a successful search engine optimization strategy. We track and analyze entry points, exit points, and conversion rate to help determine the best use of your SEO dollars or if other strategies need implementation.

Cost of SEO Strategy:

The amount of money spent to be seen on the search engines depends upon two factors:

  how competitive your market is
  the number of specific words that describe your product / service


Contact AjiThomas today to increase your potential on-line business traffic and sales with an SEO strategy that fits your company and budget