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In today's business environment it is not only crucial to have a presence on the Internet, but one that meets the needs of your customers and your business. A well designed web site that offers solutions for customers can make the difference between success and failure.

AjiThomas has over 15 years of Business, software and internet experience and has been providing our clients across the world - quality conscious, cost effective and efficient website designing, web application development, search engine optimization and ranking solutions.

AjiThomas web development specializes in developing end-to-end internet solutions. Our Goal is to create an integrated solution that will help you grow your business using the internet. We do this by listening closely to your needs, your existing business strategies and your ideas.

We constantly keep track of the latest technological changes and deploy the latest web and design tools to ensure the high quality of our work and your complete satisfaction

AjiThomas also designs corporate Intranet and Extranet applications.

Whether you wish to develop a turnkey E- Business management solution, or to take advantage of the huge range of high quality Open Source internet software packages, we can help you.

The Options

Dynamic or Static ?

Websites can be classified as being either static or dynamic.

Static websites are usually coded primarily in only HTML (HyperText Markup Language) whereas Dynamic websites use programming languages to integrate your website with a database that stores live data that can be used to build your individual webpages.

Our Web development goes through six continuously ongoing processes:


Planning - The process of choosing among competing opportunities for communication so that overall goals for the web can be set.

  Analysis - A process of gathering and comparing information about the web and its operation in order to improve the web's overall quality.
  Design - The process by which a web designer, working within the web's specification, makes decisions about how a web's actual components should be constructed.
  Implementation - The process of actually building the web using HyperText Markup Language (HTML or improvements on it).
  Promotion - The process of handling all the public-relations issues of a web ( publicity, directories, etc).
  Innovation - The process of making sure that the other development processes continue and improve.